Friday 11 October 2013


Copp's Shoes
In the early hours of yesterday morning this building in New Westminster burned to the ground.
Copp's Shoes was a landmark in New West for as long as I can remember.


Revrunner said...

Glad you had the photographic record. It'll come in handy when people start saying things like, "Do you remember when Copp's used to occupy that corner?"

Unknown said...


I am feeling so bad for the business's and the people who are now without a source of income.

I wanted to go down there and snap a few photos but I thought it insensitive.

Do you have any photos of the old Danceland that used to be on Robson Street ? It was vacant for many years before they developed that block. I have no idea why I asked this but it was the first thing that came into my mind.

Riding the Wet Coast

TheChieftess said... sad...

Wayne said...

Bob, I might have a shot of Danceland but if I do it would just be a fluke. I can't recall ever deliberately taking a picture of it. There have been occasions too numerous to mention where I've thought 'I should get a picture of that...' and before I get around to it it's gone.

Unknown said...


I remember the Expo lands before construction was started. I made it a point to go down there and snap photos of the vacant land. Now there are so many buildings, parks, walkways and a marina.

too bad this was shot on film and I have thousands of negatives to sort. I used to walk around all day Saturday and snap photos all around town. Sort of what you are doing every day. It must be hard walking around everyday with your new dSLR and macro and Tele lens and only snapping one photo

I'd imagine some days it takes all day until about 5pm before you get the "winning" shot, but other days you get that shot at 9am and then go somewhere to relax for the rest of the day

Riding the Wet Coast

Stephanie said...

It was very sad indeed seeing it on the news.