Sunday 29 September 2013


Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time
PCC 1052 Transbay Terminal, 1984
I scanned this from a slide I took almost 30 years ago.
The streetcar is still in service of course although it may have been rebuilt once or twice.
This section of the system, the Transbay Terminal, is now gone.
Here's a shot of the same streetcar I managed to grab last night.


Revrunner said...

I like the diesel sign over the bottom image. :-)

Gunn said...

A welcoming and nice SMILE.

Mystic Meandering said...

I absolutely love the second shot Wayne: The people barely visible in the windows,riding to who knows where, allows my imagination to run wild, and the night lights of the city - ahhhh. Brings back memories of going to school in Boston and riding the trolleys back in the late 60s!!! :) Only they were a different color and didn't look so clean... :) Very nice shot!

Stephanie said...

Love the color of the bus.

Kate said...

Wow! Same number. Pretty good streetcar.

Taken For Granted said...

That streetcar is a classic. Long may it continue to run. Brings back fond memories of riding the Clark Street Car in Chicago with my Grandmother, both now long gone.

TheChieftess said...

May it continue running in good health!!!