Wednesday 31 July 2013

Ain't ...

.... technology amazing?
I'm creating this post from a train speeding from Montreal to Toronto.
My interest in religion doesn't extend beyond an amateur enthusiasm for church architecture.
Cath├ędrale Marie Reine du Monde is a favourite of mine, and not just for the name.
I think I have better shots than this of the church but we won't know for certain until I get home.


Andy said...

Considering the conditions it's a pretty good shot.

Stephanie said...

It is a great shot!

TheChieftess said...

I like the pic! And yes technology is amazing...I remember being shocked the first time I flew and there was a phone at every we each have our own and can create posts from wherever with our tablets or laptops!!! Beam me up Scotty!!!

Virginia said...

How could they get any better? This is stunning. Hope you're practicing your French.

Wayne said...

V,I've got it covered, luckily for me 'idiot' is the same in both languages.

Kathy, yeah, whatever happened to those phones in the seat backs? I think it cost about $5.00 a minute (maybe more) to use them.

Thanks for the comments.

Lynne with an e said...

Love it! My thrill these days is grabbing shots while riding the bus along Hastings Street, through a dirty window.

Pretty sure I have that same cathedral spire in my archives as well. Not taken from a speeding train, mind you.

I recently flew on a plane from Toronto to Vancouver where there were no movie screens in the back of the seats and the armrests still had ashtrays! More shocking than electronics plug-ins for sure.

Wayne said...

What airline are you flying with anyway Lynne?!!!

I'm flying to Vancouver tomorrow and if I didn't have something to watch I'd be a very unhappy passenger. :-)