Wednesday 26 June 2013

Victorian Charm

Victoria is famous for lots of things, hanging baskets, afternoon tea at the Empress ... ?
Well two things.
When I'm in Victoria I walk around and check out the used book shops.
By the way, afternoon tea at the Empress costs $60.00/person.
I can remember when it was around $17.00 and I thought that was nuts.
P.T. Barnum didn't know what he was talking about, there's more than one sucker born every minute.


s.c said...

Nice comment on your own picture. Like it.

Andy said...

What the hell do they put in the tea at the Empress???

Taken For Granted said...

Lovely sense of order in your photograph, or perhaps it was just the book shop's way of keeping tract. We skipped the tea at the empress when we were in Victoria, but it is a great place to walk and photograph.

Unknown said...


High Tea at the Empress is over-rated. We had it a few years ago and it was around $25. per person for tea and stacking plates full of pastries. You pay for the privilege of saying "you had high tea at the Empress"

I've heard that there is a place in Steveston that offers high tea, where we could perhaps, look at your photos of the Empress while we sip . . . same ambiance, sort of . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

TheChieftess said...

$60 bucks for a $%&*$&% cup of tea?!!! I've got some great teas in the cupboard...come on down and I'll pour you a costs would probably be less!!!

Stephanie said...

High Tea is overrated at the Empress. Great shot!

RedPat said...

Pricey for tea - I hope you get lots of sandwiches!