Monday 11 February 2013

Back To School

I'm taking a course on small strobe lighting (flash photography) at night school.
Flashes are a tricky business but I should be slightly less incompetent by April.
This isn't my best effort so far but it's one of the more dramatic shots.



s.c said...

She looks quite white. The flash perhaps?

Revrunner said...

I've toyed a little with flash, but, you're right, it is very tricky. I admire you for tackling it.

Stefan Jansson said...

I have never taken a course in anything related to photography, but this looks good to me.

Stephanie said...

Our camera club has has portrait shoots and lessons with flash. I tend to shy away from it. Good luck with it. Wondering if the light be a little softer, looks too bright.

Taken For Granted said...

If I possibly can, I turn my flash off. It annoys the subject and often washes out the photo. Your photo is dramatic. Good luck with your course. I'm sure you will become an expert user of strobe-flash.

Virginia said...

Bravo W,
I got a light for Christmas and have been too terrified to put it on my camera.
Like this one.,

PS Sorry for the lack of comments. I've been out of pocket ( Paris)

Bob Crowe said...

Old, old joke:

A young man walks through midtown Manhattan, carrying a violin case. He looks bewildered. After a while, he approaches an old man with a dignified look.

"Excuse me, sir," the young man asked. "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"

The elderly gentleman looks the youth up and down, then says "practice, practice, practice."

I had a terrible time with flash before I did a course about it. Very confused by the end. But that was four or five years ago. I kept using it, making mistakes and learning. All three pictures in my Tuesday post used fill flash.

Tip - I set the flash on TTL, starting at -1 2/3 or -1 2/3 stops, then adjust the exposure or flash intensity from there. Works for me.