Friday 18 January 2013

Risk Assessment

Middle Of Main
This is a shot I took standing in the middle of Main Street.
I made a quick calculation of how much time I had before I became a traffic statistic.
Since I'm not good at math the whole thing is chancier it sounds.


Andy said...

Glad you are safe. It was worth it.

Revrunner said...

Where I live, drivers would see a photographer standing in the middle of the street as fair game. :-)

s.c said...

I like this kind of street shots. They give immediately
an indication of the date and the year they where made and so a glimpse of the life on the date they where made. How older they are the better their worth. Now keeping them and find them back. Thats an other problem in the computer age.

Stephanie said...

I missed the many beautiful views of Vancouver. Will be there again soon.

redstilettoviews said...

So brave Wayne and worth it as you got the shot and are still breathing!
I've wanted to do this many times but haven't had the guts. good going!

Lynne with an e said...

So to stand on the traffic island rather than in the path of oncoming traffic would be too wussy for you?

Lots of snow on the mountains, I see--which is definitely where it belongs (one of my favourite things about Vancouver).