Sunday 20 January 2013

Jolly Olde England

Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time

I remember taking this picture, it was probably the early '80s.
Back then my idea of a good photo was one with no people in it.
I remember being peeved because tourists kept walking into the shot.
Tourists still irk me but now I photograph them anyway.
I've matured.

Clovelly, Devon, England


Taken For Granted said...

Great looking "street" in this town. This photo is likely now historic. Be fun to go back there now and re-shoot it to look at similarities and differences.

-K- said...

I haven't reached that level of maturity yet. But I am just a little bit more patient when it comes to waiting for the better shot to appear.

Chrissy Brand said...

Looks good without the tacky British tourists that would have spoiled it!

Wayne said...

I'm sure they weren't all British Chrissy. i.e., I was there.

hamilton said...

yes, some people just don't show their best side when they get in the way of a good photo :)

Bob Crowe said...

We must be at peace and remember that we are all tourists.

Just booked our summer holiday. Going to Canada and the Calgary Stampede, than a few days in Banff.

Wayne said...

Bob, Bob, Bob, the Stampede? Don't you have any pseudo cowboys closer to home? :-)

I'm not an expert on Alberta, I tend to avoid the place, but if you want any suggestions drop me a line.

TheChieftess said...

Haha!!! I totally relate to avoiding tourists in photos!!

Re: Bob...check out Just Another Day on the Prairie... She's a blogger from Alberta...a rancher...delightful!!! It appears to be rugged country!!!