Sunday 2 December 2012

Fremont St.

Sunday Feature, Another Place, Another Time

Another mouldy oldie from 'Lost Wages, NV".
I can't remember using a tripod for this.
Maybe there was enough light.

The Vancouver posts are on autopilot while I'm travelling

Las Vegas, 1973


s.c said...

Great shot. I like it.

Andy said...

Pretty good for a mouldy oldie.

Birdman said...

Enjoy your trip. Be safe.

Wayne said...

Thanks Birdman. So far so good. If I don't get run over by a bus today I'll make it out of India in one piece.

RedPat said...

Love this one! I have friends who are India now too until just after Christmas. I am sure there will be lots of stories to hear! Be safe, Wayne.

Stephanie said...

Cool on all the Neon signs.