Sunday 30 December 2012

Bus Terminal

Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time

I was about 20 the first time I arrived in LA, by Greyhound, at night.
The walk from the bus station to look for a hotel was ... memorable.
At some point in the intervening years the building was abandoned as a bus station.
The last time I checked it housed a lot of small shops but it looks the same.

6th St. at Los Angeles St.


Andy said...

Nice to have a piece of history in your collection.

Revrunner said...

And an interesting snapshot of transportation then! Let's see, is that a Corvair in front of the bus? And how about that car to the right of the bus? Is that a Fairlane?

Wayne said...

A Corvair for sure, and some model of Ford, Fairlane, Galaxy, ?

s.c said...

Pity that there is no greyhond bus in front. To me the building looks remarkable modern in contrast to the building behind. But as ever the cars gives the year away.Nice memento Wayne.

Stephanie said...

Nice piece of history.

Bob Crowe said...

The greyhound looks so fleet but he was so often slow and miserable.I've never had to take one a longer distance than from New York to Boston but I'll happily take the hassles of flying these days.

TheChieftess said...

I remember a foot on the back of my seat...clanking into my head at least once!!!

My late father-in-law worked for Greyhound at the end of his working career!