Sunday 4 November 2012

International Co-operation

I can't say what it's like photographing in China in 2012.
But in 1986 it was generally fun and hassle-free.
Or at least that's my recollection 26 years later.
This fellow wanted me to take his picture, I, a white guy c/w beard, was a real novelty.

Wuhan (I think), China, 1986

Today I'll be travelling to India, via Hong Kong, for a month.
I have Vancouver posts set on auto while I'm away. 
I'll add in travel posts as time and internet allow. Postings are bound to be erratic.


s.c said...

Great shot Wayne. Like it.

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

I'm officially jealous. Hope you enjoy your long vacation in India.

Stephanie said...

Good shot and have a great holiday! Looking forward to those photos.

Taken For Granted said...

This is a great street scene photo. We spent six months teaching in China about a decade ago, and I agree with you about the ease of taking photos in China. Have a great trip to India. Will look forward to seeing your photos on your return.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful faces.

Virginia said...

I love the photos from your travels that you share with us. Street portraiture at its best.

hamilton said...

I find it fascinating that people like to have their photos taken by camera-toting strangers!
Have a safe and fun-filled trip.

CaT said...

o wow! to india for a month!!
enjoy! :)