Wednesday 24 October 2012

Rotting Vegetation

Composting should be mandatory.
Actually, I think it is in Vancouver.


Andy said...

Searching the internet I learned that World Vision reported that every month, residents in the city of Toronto, Canada, toss out 17.5 million kilograms of food. I just cringe when I have to throw food out. We have a green box program for food waste. It's processed in to garden fertilizer.

Stephanie said...

Nicely captured.

TheChieftess said...

I like Andy's concept of a green box program...can't say that I'm a composter...but I definitely see the value in it!

Stephanie said...

I had to come back to tell you how much I really like this shot, with its textures and colors. :-)) There is beauty in this shot.

Virginia said...

I have something like this in the crisper drawer of my frig right this minute.

Wayne said...

Stephanie, that's what drew me to it. It's some plants the parks workers had piled up to be trucked to wherever they do their composting.

V. :-)

Vancouver has just embarked on a program that will collect all (there are rules) kitchen scraps. San Francisco, among others, has been doing this for years.

Thanks for the comments.