Thursday 2 August 2012

Visual Drivel

W. Cordova
I'm sure the graphics on this new condo project are meant to be inspirational.
The message, if there is one, is wasted on me. 
But I'm happy to expropriate it for my own selfish purposes.
And I don't need anyone's help!!!

60 W. Cordova Condo Project


s.c said...

Nice shot Wayne. Glad with the human in the picture.

Andy said...

Did you wait for someone to walk by so that some body parts were covered up? I'm just kidding Wayne. The pedestrian adds so much more to the photo.

Wayne said...

Nope, nothing is being covered up. I didn't really wait for anyone but if he hand't come by you'd never have seen the resulting photo. :-)

alex said...

eye catching stranger passing.