Sunday 29 July 2012


Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time

Many people in India (circa 1986) would have been illiterate.
The percentage now is better but still quite high.
If these folks needed a form filled out, wished to send correspondence, etc., they'd come to a place like this.



Taken For Granted said...

Great photo from a quarter century ago, but what is that machine with keys the young man is sitting at?

TheChieftess said...

It's amazing how fortunate we are here in the US and of course, your like this one tend to bring that awareness to the forefront...

RedPat said...

I wonder if they still do that with typewriters - can you still buy ribbons?

Wayne said...

You can buy everything Pat. :-) We live in the Google Universe.

My hunch is, there are lots of typewriters in places like Calcutta even now.

CaT said...

must have been interesting to walk around there!
once, in the netherlands, i was sitting in a park and then someone came to me and asked me to explain the letter he was holding. it was from the government and all he was interested in was whether he had to pay money, or would get money. he thought he would get money, but i had to tell him a few times they wanted money from him!!