Saturday 21 April 2012

Albino Burmese Python


Apparently 420 has been going on for years. 
I heard the term for the first time this week. 
Basically it's a pot protest and I wandered by out of curiosity. 
The guy with the snake was charging people to have their picture taken with it. 
I'm sure it seems like a good idea if you're stoned. 

Vancouver Art Gallery


Lynne with an e said...

Not even then.

RedPat said...

I never heard of it until this week either (on CBC Radio 1). Must have come about after our time!

Paul in Powell River said...

I just heard of it myself recently - and I'd have to be more than stoned!

Andy said...

Wayne you and I must be from the same generation. I just found out last week what 420 is all about. As far as snakes go... I feel the same way Indiana Jones does about them. Snake or no snake, it`s still a great photo.

Virginia said...

Oh good grief, I'd be a screaming Mimi! I can hardly look at the photo!

Virginia said...

And let me guess, you had your photo made with it draped around your neck??? :)

Stefan Jansson said...

Link is wrong, you need to update it.

Wayne said...

Steffe, thanks for alerting me. I don't need to update it, the photo disappeared from flickr. This has never happened before but I'm really bothered by it.

I've uploaded it again and sent an email to flickr. We'll see if they have an explanation.