Sunday 11 March 2012


I wasn't sure photos were permitted in this studio. 
With the camera by my side I managed to get an image. 
This one turned out but 19 times out of 20 I get a shot of my pant leg, someone else's pant leg, or the floor.
Turns out no one could have cared less if I took photos.

John Steil's Studio, Eastside Culture Crawl


Virginia said...

I think I had a chicken that looked like this in my kitchen! Look at you being all stealth W.

Paul in Powell River said...

My rig is too big to be stealthy, I miss these types of shots.

RedPat said...

Cool secret shot of the rooster!

Lowell said...

My motto is be bold and shoot away. You can always apologize but at least you'll get the shot! Don't, as they say, be a chicken! :-)

CaT said...

well the chicken is nice.

Nellies said...

Well for something that usually ends up in a shot of someone's leg or the floor I must say that this one turned out great!, haha. I love this rooster's colors.

TheChieftess said...

Actually...this works really well...the bokeh effect of the background is perfect for La Chicken!!!

My camera is always in manual mode so I can't do stealth photography very the time I've set everything, the shot could be long gone!!!