Tuesday 6 March 2012


I rode motorcycles for 20 years or so but I never tried riding one with a suicide shifter.
It's just as well.

Trev Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition


s.c said...

I also did ride a motor bicycle for years . When I was at the technical high school the boys had indians and harleys from world war II dumps. I remember that the indians had a poke like that to change gear. Never saw one on a harley. Thanks for showing.

Paul in Powell River said...

Yes, just as well ... they called them that for a reason.

Taken For Granted said...

There are few machines more beautiful than antique motorcycles. I assume this is a K-Model Harley, but that's just a guess. Love your photo. Could you post more? Never rode a suicide shifter myself, but use to ride with a friend who had an "old school" 61 cubic inch suicide shift Harley chopper.

cj goad ~ photography said...

When I was a punk kid at 17 I had a Harley Knuckle with a suicide and also reverse gear. Was a WW 2 army surplus without the sidecar if I remember correctly. A great ride.

TheChieftess said...

I've ridden a motorcycle exactly twice in my life...and yes...it's been a rather healthy, longer life!!! Maybe that's why!!! My dad told me about going head over handle bars on a motorcycle going about 70 mph when he was a young man and barely surviving (that is, without major broken bones)...he successfully made me a bit wary of the motorcycle mode of transportation!!!