Friday 16 March 2012


A street corner in Canada's poorest postal code.
It's probably safe to say the building was originally a bank.
Now it's a showroom for exotic granite countertops and $500 faucets.
I'm not an expert but I can spot the signs of gentrification when they smack me between the eyes.

Abbott St. and Cordova St. on the downtown eastside.


Paul in Powell River said...

Wow - that is gentrification!

Wayne said...

Indeed. The building has a lot of charm and the street lights are quite ornate.

CaT said...

i kind of know (finally) what gentrification is, but dont ask me to give you the defenition...
when we were in memphis a lady was protesting against gentrification next to the martin luther king motel (where he was shot, i mean, and which is now a museum). we asked her to tell us what gentrification means, but she only got angry. after that i really did not care for her protest anymore (but apparently she sits there since 20 years or so)

Anonymous said...

Is the man in the wheelchair a wandering soul or part of the building in some way?

Wayne said...

He's from the neighbourhood Abe. Hoping for (spare) change.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

nice shadow and lighting.