Tuesday 14 February 2012

Jasmine and Cory

My photography course is a night class. 
We had to do one daytime session to cover portraiture in natural light.
Sunday was the (grey and rainy) day.

There were 4 models. 
I learned quite a lot. 
i.e., I'm not very comfortable with portrait photography.

(These are random samples, not class submissions)


Andy said...

These assignments really help a person understand photography. It gets your mind working. Wayne I'm sure if you keep at it you begin to feel more comfortable and confident with portrait photography.

TheChieftess said...

Nice!!! I really like the bokeh effect of the background in the first one...highlighting her loveliness! I also like the composition of the second one too, except for one thing...the two cables coming out the top of the phone booth!!!
I like portraiture...especially with natural light...great job Wayne!!!

Babzy.B said...

the first portrait is really good ! :)

Virginia said...

Well keep your trap shut about that cause you got some very nice shots W. I can just see your squirming. :)

CaT said...

the girl looks very cute. i like that portrait. did you ask them to look in a specific way, and/or direction?

i would also not be comfortable. prefer to shoot when they dont notice.. :)

Wayne said...

CaT, no, I didn't give direction I just asked them to change poses every couple of seconds.

Thanks for the comments.