Friday 5 August 2011

Capitol Residences

It's just another 'steel and glass' tower.
Except that the developer provided, or was required to provide, rehearsal and teaching space for musicians.
The brick building is the Orpheum theatre, home of the Vancouver Symphony.
The tower is named Capitol Residences for the Capitol Theatre that was located on the site.
For decades the theatre was the Capitol 6 multiplex. Many younger Vancouverites won't realize that prior to conversion the Capitol was a movie palace seating 2500. The Capitol 6 was OK but it's sad to think of what was destroyed in the conversion.


Anonymous said...

What's that thingy near the top left?

Wayne said...

Looks like a push-out on a motorhome doesn't it Karin.

Based on my grasp of Vancouver real estate I'd say the principal purpose would be to add at least $100.000 to the cost of those units.

Lynne with an e said...

The Capitol is gone??? Well, yes, it did get rather seedy around its perimeter in recent decades. When I go "home" to Vancouver I often don't know where the heck I am because so many reference points have been replaced by towers.