Thursday 17 March 2011

St. Louis

 On Tuesday morning the Capitol Limited stopped in St. Louis briefly.
I went inside for a look around expecting a station from days gone by.
 What I found was a Greyhound station crammed under a freeway. 
Eventually it all came back to me.
The train doesn't stop here any more.

Gateway Arch and the Mississippi taken on a dark, cold, drizzly morning through a dirty train window.
I'm sure Amtrak washes it's trains but the trains I ride always have dirty windows.


Anonymous said...

That's just one of those iconic things I would love to see. I actually think your way is fantastic!

Virginia said...

I hope you got to meet Bob in the Lou.

Kim said...

Yeah, did you meet up with Bob? I'm kinda doubting it, judging from the time of day and you mention the briefness of the stop. Maybe you waved his way.
Your observation about the train station brought to mind a song by Bill Hawkins and Bruce Cockburn, "The Trains Don't Run Here Anymore."

TheChieftess said... more great Alfred Hitchcock movies set in the trains or train depots anymore...time to wax nostalgic and rent a Hitchcock movie!!!

Unknown said...
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