Sunday 24 April 2011


I marvel at how much things have changed in my lifetime. 
The first phone my family had didn't even have a dial. i.e.:
Operator: number please … 
Me: Hastings 8317L (our phone # when I was 10 years old)
(but don't ask me what the weather was last week)

The Prophouse Café, 1636 Venables St.


Stefan Jansson said...

When the first telephone service was established in Tungelsta, my great grandfather (he was a politician and in control of most things), managed to get the best number. 1. Then over the years it changed a few times. When my grandmother died a little over a decade ago the number was 50030001.

Virginia said...

91807 was mine till I was about 10, then it was 871-8547. If it weren't for long term memory, I'd have no memory at all.

RedPat said...

That pic is sure a blast from the past - love the pink phone!

TheChieftess said...

Citrus 242-8326!!!

And I remember the party line!!!

(Dayam...I can't believe I'm that old!!!)