Tuesday 18 January 2011

Prophouse Café

The Carnival Band occasionally plays a gig at the Prophouse Café.
As the name suggests the place is full of props that they rent out to the film industry.
Why aren't there any pics of the props?
Well you may ask. 


Virginia said...

Great to see the CB in action again. Why aren't there any pics of the props W??

I found a shop in Paris that had all sorts of movie posters and memorabilia. Some were a little naughty. I can't wait to post them! :) You'll blush I'm sure.

Chuck Pefley said...

V, I have a hard time imagining Mr. Wayne blushing ... probably not possible.

Hey Wayne, I've seen this flugelhorn player somewhere before -:)

Wayne said...

Yes indeed Chuck, the band doesn't go anywhere without Fred He and the band were in Seattle last year and will be again on May 20, 21, 22. for HONK! Fest West.

It's actually a mellophone, which is sort of a french horn in disguise and a close relative of the flugelhorn:-)

TheChieftess said...

Great shot Wayne!!! Sorry I haven't checked in for awhile, but I'm back!!!