Saturday 13 November 2010

Tsawassen Terminal

Tsawassen Terminal
I visited friends on Thetis Island this week. 

For the next few days, or until someone cries 'uncle', I'll post pics from the trip


jennyfreckles said...

Something about this photo strikes me like the opening lines of a good novel - full of mystery and anticipation. I look forward to more.

Virginia said...

You are going to post this photograph and not give us one single clue as to what on earth it is??? I swear W!

Bergson said...

une passerelle qui amène le regard très loin

Bob Crowe said...

Very nice photo, both motion and stillness on a gloomy BC autumn day.

TheChieftess said...

Love the sky against the water...I'm guessing some kind of a pier????

Wayne said...

It's a walkway between two ferry slips.

My guess is that it's just a catwalk that allows workers to get out to the end to change light bulbs or work on the piers. The public doesn't go out there.