Thursday 18 November 2010


On VIA's The Canadian from Vancouver to Toronto

It's about 36 hours on the train from Winnipeg to Toronto. The train stops at Souix (pron. Soo) Lookout, Hornepayne and Capereol. Most people are asleep when the train passes 'the Souix' and Capreol (pro Cape-ere-ole) going east. That leaves Hornepayne where the train stops for 15-30 minutes. Most passengers want to get off for a stretch and some fresh air. But there's plenty to do ...

… watch freights pass through ...

… stand in the mud to photograph the train and the crumbling hotel ...

Head End
… and everyone's favourite, walking to the headend to make sure it's still there.
Hornepayne is a divisional point where headend crews switch, hence the bag by the locomotive.


Unknown said...


I turn my back and you headed east. Enjoy your trip and take at least one photo a day.

That's an order. It is going below zero this weekend so don't rush back

Wet Coast Scootin

TheChieftess said...

Well, I'll be!!! I'm pretty sure I just looked at your site and all of a sudden there are all kinds of fun pictures!!! Love the train engine against the clouds! All of them are great!!!