Wednesday 6 October 2010

New Banners

They were new when I took this photo a couple of weeks ago.

For the non-backlit view see below.


Virginia said...

United Way in Canada? For the money they spent on a zillion banners, they could have had more money to use in a meaningful way.

Pardon, I'm crabby. No coffee yet.

jennyfreckles said...

Well, cheerful but somehow oddly Chinese-looking.

RedPat said...

Can't decide which one I like best. Good to see it was nice and sunny.

Anonymous said...

Guess that is a newer Cambie Street Bridge? Lived In Vancouver 30 years ago and walked the old one a number of times but don't recall the wide walkway.

Wayne said...

Yes, the old Cambie St. bridge (official name Connaught bridge) has been gone for a long time.