Friday 24 September 2010

Holy Rosary

When I took this shot I thought I had a winner.

Turns out It was pretty crummy, but I messed around with it in Lightroom.


Hilda said...

If you didn't mention it, I wouldn't have thought this was enhanced. Well done, Wayne. And I still think it's a fantastic image!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Wayne, do not ever tell "a secret" because this is beautiful. I am glad that you rescued it to your satisfaction and posted it for us.

jennyfreckles said...

It's annoying when that happens but great when the opposite occurs - you think it's crummy and it turns out good. This actually looks rather spiritual, with all that blue light.

Virginia said...

What's wrong with it? I think it's lovely.

PS You've got Lightroom?

Regina K said...

great Photo

TheChieftess said...

I've been exploring shots into the sun as well...some work, some don't...this one definitely does!!!

Beautiful! and yes...spiritual!