Tuesday 24 August 2010

You Can't Fight City Hall

You can, but you'll lose.

For years, until very recently, the Lee Building had a billboard on the roof roughly the size of a dozen boxcars stacked together. The city insisted it be removed.

After a protracted legal battle with the structure, which was blank as often as not lately, was removed.

A HUGE improvement in my opinion.

photo courtesy of Uncle Buddha's flickr pool


Virginia said...

But all the cables and wires don't bother them. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

We have a giant billboard on Altadena's main drag that from certain angles blocks the view of the mountains. Effing criminal, I call it.

Unknown said...


Everytime I looked at that HUGE BOXCAR, I got to thinking that it would have been a nice place to use as a clubhouse..

Wet Coast Scootin

TheChieftess said...

Ah, well, that's progress for ya!!!