Thursday 5 August 2010


Dominique, aka DoDo

The Carnival Band was joined by Txi and her clown troupe for the Pride Parade.

DoDo's handsprings were a regular feature for the length of the route.

Eddie takes off. Those propeller beanies really work.


Elizabeth said...

What a colorful bunch live there in Vancouver.

Virginia said...

Looks like Eddie had already taken it off! I'm assuming your were decked in something similar W.

Anonymous said...

Du bist strohdumm. Those aren't summersaults; she'd crack her head. They're hand springs.

Wayne said...

Good point KB. I didn't like 'summersaults' but I didn't put any time into trying to come up with the proper term.

Virginia said...

I spotted that too but I let Hiker point it out. If you'd watched more of the gymnastics at the Olympics you'd know that already.

Babzy.B said...

wow the first shot is amazing , great performance !