Tuesday 22 June 2010

Roller Babes

Car-free Day on Commercial Drive is a phenomenal event.

It draws thousands of Vancouverites. Burnabyites and Surreyites too I dare say.

Yeah, yeah, there were a few hunky guys skating around the rink. But who wants to look at pics of hunky guys?

I expect there will be further Car-free Day photos before I've milked this one dry.


Elizabeth said...

Since you are asking, I don't mind some pictures of hunky guys with their skates.

Unknown said...

You have mentioned it a couple of times now....you are not milking you are sharing a part of your home maybe even do I dare say...your heart(after all your home is where your heart is or is it the other way around? :=O))
I consider this not milking I consider this fun, fun, fun...oh how I wish I was there...that little fairy princess at the end must have captured a few stolen moments for sure! Thanks for taken us all to moments sublime...

jennyfreckles said...

I'm all for hunky guys.... and I wish we had car-free days in Saltaire!