Friday 11 June 2010

All Gussied Up

Much of this art is less than 4 weeks old. I don't think we can really call it graffiti.

This neighbourhood hit the skids hard when Woodward's Dept. Store went off the rails. But now that the Woodward's site conversion is finished the 'hood is bouncing back quite quickly. Once the vacant lot is built on again this artwork will probably be covered. Unless of course the lot becomes a park, but that's not too likely.


Kim said...

Officially street art, me thinks, and well done, too. I like that you caught the corner view.

Virginia said...

Colorful graffiti. I'd go into my usual rant about that but I'm preoccupied right now. Glad the hood is bouncing back. That 's hard to accomplish.

jennyfreckles said...

Rather cheerful, isn't it? Some such graffiti is art, some not - I think this is quite artistic really.

TheChieftess said...

Down here in LA street murals were respected by the taggers and so they were left untouched...until, of course, the property owners figured that out and started having the art done professionally, similar to this...of course, now the taggers leave their mark on the street art as well...i'ts a vicious circle...

Elizabeth said...

Today I found your blog by accident and happy one it was.

Lately I am fascinated by windows and you have more than enough photographs to drool over. Thank you for the effort you make each day to show us Vancouver.

Never been to Canada but a little seed is planted in my mind today.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Wayne said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy some of the future posts.