Sunday 11 April 2010

Tall Hedge

Cute house, tall hedge, East Van

It's pretty obvious that I need an assistant here on the blog desk. I'm in Seattle and I've been so busy and so tired that it didn't occur to me to check that my post was ready for today. It was ready but I had put a later date on it.


Unknown said...

Beautiful house Wayne.

Kim said...

I'm on a campaign to chop down all Laurel hedges. My back yard neighbor has let theirs grow uncontrollably, blocking the afternoon light from us completely :-). But I'm not bitter. . . ;^).
I love seeing the reflection in the three windows in the peak as well as the blue sky beyond.

Hope you and the band are having a great Honk weekend. I had an all day conference yesterday and thought I might be able to make it to Gas Works after, but was brain dead afterward, so didn't. It has been cold, but at least you brought the sunshine down our way this weekend.