Sunday 4 April 2010


Save-On-Meats is now closed after 53 years on Hastings St.

The iconic sign will be preserved one way or another.


Virginia said...

Our friend Ken Mac won't like hearing this. Is it just me or does the $ as the S make you think pricey meats??!!!

Anonymous said...

I immediately thought of Ken Mac too. Are those dancing piggies hanging on to the sign?

Wayne said...

V. Yep, it's just you :-)

KB. I always thought of them as flying pigs.

The sign has always been well maintained which is no small feat. They're usually the first thing to go if business gets tough.

Chuck Pefley said...

Ah, when pigs fly, eh? Remember a certain cheese shop in Edmonds?

Sorry to see any old established business close, especially one that gives such personal service.

Happy Easter, Wayne!

Wayne said...

Without the reminder I wouldn't have thought of the cheese shop Chuck :-)

Happy Easter

Virginia said...

No, it's not just me.

Kim said...

The height of coolness. . .there won't be another one like that. . .that was definitely custom, and very cute! I hope it will remain in place and be a continual reminder to patrons of the meat shop of the many years of business there.

Kim said...

PS, V asks a question, you answer it, she contradicts you and answers her own question.

V., if it had been a cent symbol instead of a dollar sign, you might have thought bargain ;^).

-K- said...

Although I might have to wait until the next world to do it, I'd like to shake the hand of the man who invented neon.