Thursday 15 April 2010

Concrete Pumper

Who ever said concrete pumping has to be dull?


Unknown said...

Great photograph Wayne..
The pumper hose against the deep blue sky..
Have a nice day.

Kim said...

Looks like you are behind bars again. . .do you need bail $$? :-)
There you go making art of line and color. Super shot. Hope you are enjoying these blue skies.

Virginia said...

That looks suspiciously like a crane thingy to me.

Wayne said...

Everything is starting to look like a crane to you V. :-)

Tash said...

Who would of thunk that concrete pumping would be so photogenic? it's intreguing to have the straight lines go all squigly... Just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

These people -- they're enablers. Come on Virg, let's make a hasty retreat.

Virginia said...

I've got my purse, I'm right behind you!