Wednesday 10 March 2010

The Carnegie

After all these years I finally got a look at the stained glass windows of the Carnegie Centre

I suppose most people know the story of Carnegie Libraries.

Even before the neighbourhood took on it's present somewhat intimidating atmosphere it never seemed to occur to me to venture inside the building.

It's still a branch library.


Hilda said...

I sure am glad you went inside. These are gorgeous stained glass windows!

Virginia said...

I can only imagine what the overdue book fines must be! Gorgeous place. You need to hang out there more.

jennyfreckles said...

Our local Carnegie Library is boarded up and falling to bits. This looks gorgeous.

Kim said...

Hey, I studied all those guys in college and still have certain of each of their sonnets and other works committed to memory --I think! :-). That's an amazing window.

Kim said...

The view of the stair case is really appealing. That graceful curve is lovely. Nicely composed image.
Nice to see a Carnegie Library still in use as it was originally intended and being well-maintained.

Babzy.B said...

wow beautiful peace of art !