Sunday 21 March 2010

Beaver Lake

Every now and then I fancy a walk around Beaver Lake in Stanley Park.

You can't spot it easily but there is a heron in the middle left of this shot. This seems to be it's home.

It's called Beaver Lake for a reason


Virginia said...

We want to see beavers. Beavers in ACTION in Beaver Lake! Now where are my glasses? I want to see that heron!

Anonymous said...

Beavers are amazing carpenters, aren't they? I'm with Virg, can you catch one in action?

Wayne said...

Something tells me getting photos of the beavers is going to require me to get out of bed very early in the morning.

Don't anyone hold their breath.

jennyfreckles said...

If I lived near there I'd fancy a walk round it too. I see the heron when the photo is enlarged - can't see a beaver though.