Monday 18 January 2010

The Shield

In all the hubbub of travelling I neglected to post these.

People tend to moan about how long it takes to cross the prairies and how monotonous it is. I don't find it monotonous. It's more interesting to me that it takes much longer to cross the Canadian Shield. In fact the train only crosses a portion of the shield. Even so it seems to go on and on.

The shot above is what I typically visualize when I think about the landscape of the region.

That's it for train photos. Unless I get majorly desperate.


Chuck Pefley said...

Those are both great train photos.

I think a photographer may have a little edge when faced with slow travel simply because he / she is interested in what's passing by. We are visually aware and curious.

Virginia said...

So were you sitting on top of the train for these? :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, someone told him there was a parade up there.

(They're good, aren't they?)

Wayne said...

Yes Virginia, just like in India. :) It's cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Great shots... and careful you don't fall!