Wednesday 20 January 2010


On this day I was looking for views of snow capped mountains. This view is cluttered with trolley wires.

This is the old bus barns at Oak and 41st. They are little used since new and bigger facilities were built. Eventually they'll be gone altogether.

After looking at this shot several times I finally noticed that there isn't a trolley in sight.


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Perfect notice Wayne!

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Pat said...

There are LOTS of these wires here, too, but trolleys to go with them!

Thanks for reminding me...I sort of look through them, literally.

Chuck Pefley said...

Perhaps no trollies, but there is the snow-capped mountain in the distance. So, you achieved your goal, even if you encountered a bit of interference. -:)

Unknown said...


I'm also from the "look through them" too mentality . I hardly see them at all. And you are walking about on my home turf. I thought I heard your shutter clicking

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Mo said...

Goodness I haven't seen a trolley bus in yonks.

Aimz said...

Yes lots of wires, here we call the buses trams and they aren't in existence unfortunately much more.