Friday 1 January 2010

The Hanging

Yesterday I was at the main library and it just so happened a photo exhibit was being installed.

Many of his images are right up my street and we had a nice talk while he went about his work.
The images on the website don't do the work justice, they have to be seen in person.
The horizontal images I saw were between 51" and 83" wide.

This exhibition will only be up for two weeks. Some of his colour stills are hanging at the gallery in the Pacific Palisades Hotel.

My shots are really marginal, I didn't have my speedlight. If I'd had the speedlight they'd be better, they'd be marginal.

As of Jan. 2 I'm away on a train trip. I don't have a lot of images in the photo barrel so posts may be sporadic and of the 'what I did on my winter vacation' variety.


Virginia said...

Interesting photos. Look like they might be panoramic shots but I'm not up on all that. Have a great trip. Going by train at least you don't have to worry about getting stranded moi!

Anonymous said...

I'm a BIG train fan, so please toke many photos in, out, on, and from. You're not taking the Northern Wilderness Train Adventure by any chance? That's a plan of mine sometime.