Saturday 16 January 2010

Grand Opening

After getting up at 5:00 and travelling the five hours by train from Seattle, I was no sooner in the door than I was heading downtown for the Woodward's Project Grand Opening.


Naturally, the Carnival Band was playing. Otherwise I'd have stayed home and napped.

Cory and Marc


Chuck Pefley said...

Hope the border was uneventful.

Fun looking group, Wayne, and your new lid fits right in. Be sure to let me know when you and the band are coming down here ... I want to see and hear the band!

Wayne said...

Getting back into Canada was a bit slow as they clear customs at the station in Vancouver coming north. Still not bad. The key is to go Business class but I never seem to be able to remember that.

The HONK! schedule isn't finalized yet but we'll talk more about it when the time gets closer. Tell your friends.

Aimz said...

I would've done the same thing - looks like fun :-)