Saturday 30 January 2010

Back To The Barn

On a grey Friday I went down to False Creek to see how the Olympic preparations are coming along.

We've had lots of warning that road closures and other restrictions were going to make getting around a challenge.

Southeast False Creek, the athletes village, is definitely off limits. Two of the VPD mounted squad were heading toward their base in Stanley Park along the north side of the False Creek which is open for cyclists, pedestrians and some horses. At least for now.

Even though I'm a vocal opponent of the Olympics I'll be posting Olympic related pics regularly until the circus folds it's tent and leaves town.

From now on, local traffic only on Quebec St.
Skytrain could be a good option.


Virginia said...

Well we want lots of Olympic shots. It's a big hairy deal to have them in your city I know, but you'll meet a lot of nice people I'll bet!

Anonymous said...

do they have plans for Olympic Village post games?

Wayne said...

Be patient Karin, you're getting ahead of the plot. :)

Chuck Pefley said...

One of the downsides of hosting an international even of this magnitude.

I remember when Seattle hosted the Goodwill games several years back. There was lots of press hype about how bad congestion was going to be that most of the locals threw up their hands and stayed home in their own neighborhoods. Business in the downtown core was worse, not better, because of the visiting event.

I'm happy the Olympics are somewhere else. And no, I won't be coming up for a peek.

Best of luck, Wayne.