Sunday 20 December 2009

Tar Sands Rant

Some people in Canada are actually so dumb that they don't believe (or they pretend not to believe) that the Alberta Tar Sands are an environmental catastrophe. Odd thing, most of these people are politicians.

The petro-companies in the Tar Sands, and they are all there, use up astronomical amounts of natural gas and fresh water to separate gooey bitumen from sandy soil and convert it into dirty oil. One investment banker likens the process to turning gold into lead.

The curious can see the massive toxic tailing ponds and thousands of acres of forests stripped down to a muddy moonscape by entering 'Fort McMurray, Alta'. on Google Earth or Google Maps. There are flickr photos here.

The Copenhagen summit is a failure because politicians are more concerned with protecting industries that devastate the planet than they are with the well being generations to follow.

The same people who came up with trillions of dollars in a matter of days to save some of the biggest banks in the world and two of the three largest (and most inefficient) car makers could not come up with a plan to save the planet.

End of rant


Virginia said...

One heckova rant at that. Bravo!

jennyfreckles said...

I sooo agree with you. It was a fiasco in Copenhagen.