Tuesday 1 December 2009


The Vancouver Umbrella Shop has been around longer than I have.


Laurie Allee said...

What a great photo. I think it's amazing and cool that an umbrella shop can stay in business anywhere.

Brenda's Arizona said...

For a moment I wondered what besides umbrellas they could sell! Love their sign. Thank you!

Virginia said...

les parapluies est trés belle. Just shows to go ya how much rain you get in Lotusville!!

MyWV undir!

Anonymous said...

One time in London I went in to buy a bumbershoot at some upper crust store. I figured I'd be out -- oh, a hundred pounds or so. 500 pounds! They explained their umbrellas are made to last a lifetime and guaranteed forever.

Sadly, I passed.

Pat said...

Hello, Wayne! Thanks for visiting me in Belgrade, at least in the cyberworld. I've browsed back through your photos, and like what I see, so I am adding you to my list of blogs to check pretty much daily!

Would you believe Belgrade has an umbrella REPAIR shop?! I must get downtown and take a photo. People are pretty thrifty here.

Jackie said...

A shop just for umbrellas? I can't believe I've never seen one of those in Scotland - maybe this is my chance to make my fortune! Cool photo, I love the neon display.