Wednesday 18 November 2009

The Transcontinental

Some time back I posted a photo of the exterior of the Canadian Pacific Station.
I walk through the station quite often but until yesterday it hadn't occurred to me to take pictures on the inside.

What can I say, I'm slow.

The murals around the top of the main hall depict scenes travellers would have seen from the Transcontinental. That route is now used by an excursion train. Passenger service now is along the original Canadian National route.

In the heyday of rail there were two passenger services leaving daily for Toronto and points east.

These days there is one Via train leaving 3 days a week.


Virginia said...

What a beautiful station. Vancouver was smart to keep it and preserve it. We tore ours down here. Who needs a grand old railway station anyway? Poo!


Aimz said...

gorgeous! I love the clock, how old is the building?

Wayne said...

Hi Amy, the station was built in 1910. Thanks for stopping by.