Monday 16 November 2009


Trolley wires at the Marine Dr./Canada Line loop.

We're still rummaging at the bottom of the photo barrel.


Hilda said...

Happy birthday, Wayne! Hope you're doing well. :)

Your photos are as gorgeous as ever, messy cables and all!

Virginia said...

Happy Happy Birthday Baby........"

And those puffy white clouds and blue sky make that mess of lines look good!

PS LURV your new photo. I had a feeling you didn't really look like Daffy Duck, just act like him.

Anonymous said...

Hope they're putting together a nice parade for you. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the label? I'd add Not Parades. would narrow down the search tremendously.

Laurie Allee said...


This is the coolest shot, BTW. (The bottom of MY photo barrel, by comparison, has pictures of my dogs wearing my daughter's doll hats.)

Wayne said...

Wow, thanks you guys.

I didn't realize my birthday was so widely known.

Karin, I fixed the tags.

LA, I'm still scrounging off the bottom of the barrel and it's raining cats and dogs here so I'm not inclined to go picture taking.

V. the pic won't last. I'll get tired of looking at it PDQ.

Hilda, I'm doing just fine as far as I can tell :)