Monday 23 November 2009

1000 Parker

1000 Parker is as vast as it looks.

It houses only a fraction of the artists and artisans participating in The Crawl.

David Robinson is one of the artists with studio space here.

'Equestrian' is soon to become a bronze which will be installed at an outdoor location in Vancouver.

I think I eked out sufficient passable images to drag The Crawl out for another day, or two.


Anonymous said...

Amusing sculpture. Does it have a name yet?

Wayne said...

I'm going to have to hire an editor (that will work for free).

The sculpture is called Equestrian, I could have made that clearer. :)

Aimz said...

Gosh, someone is clever sculpting that!

Virginia said...

The Equestrian is an amazing piece. Thanks for showcasing this one!

PS No one will work for what you pay W