Friday 23 October 2009

Old P.O.

Sinclair Centre comprises four distinctive heritage buildings. The most prominent is the old main post office, 1910 until1958.

I may have been in this building when it was the post office but the mental images are fuzzy.

In the day, when mail went by train, trains were loaded and unloaded at the rear of the post office. When the new PO was constructed a tunnel was built to transfer mail the mile or so from the old PO. About the same time mail started moving by air. The tunnel got little or no use except perhaps for storage.


Virginia said...

What a beautiful old building. Reminds me of the fancy Hotel de Ville's in France. Bravo for Vancouver for not tearing this down and putting some hideous parking deck in its place!

Amy said...

very nice - love old buildings

Laurie Allee said...

I love this building! Think of how much better errands would be if all buildings were like this. I still can't believe New York tore down the original Penn Station back in the 60s and built that soulless monstrocity there now. Ken Mac's blog pics of that blew me away. But I digress.

Love this, W.