Tuesday 6 October 2009

Eagles in the City

In general these fiberglass whatnots don't float my boat. But I'm happy enough with the concept if it provides exposure for artists. Other cities have their own themes, cows, mooses, garlic (or was it onions?).

Next year Vancouver may want to consider fiberglass replicas of dead gangsters lying in the the road. They're far more ubiquitous around town than bald eagles.

It isn't immediately obvious at a distance but the background of this particular work, which I like a lot, is a Haida design.

Artist: Corey Moraes

Title: 'Dar's Journey Into The Mystic'


Virginia said...

I like the Haida design as well but I have tried and tried but I can't find an eagle anywhere! Help me out W.

Virginia said...

Thanks for the email explaining W. Now I see he's in flight. Cool. The bullseye on his body is a little disturbing though.


Kcalpesh said...

That's certainly a cool design!

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Laurie Allee said...

Am I a philistine because I think this would make a great kite?