Friday 21 August 2009


City Farmer has a large demonstration garden on Maple St. in Kitsilano. And they are growing wheat!

I figure there is enough potential flour in this stook for a couple of muffins.

Strictly speaking, I think the wheat has to be cut to be stooked. But I get so few opportunities to use stook I'm bending the rules.


Virginia said...

Bending the rules or is this another "made up" W word?? Hmmmm? It's lovely though. I think I might have seen wheat fields in France. i'm amazed they could grow it in a garden like that. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Stook in the mud

Stooks and stones?

Stook a fork in me, I'm done.

Virginia said...

What stook you so long?
AH, you're up!

Anonymous said...

Stook around, I'll come up with something.

Virginia said...

Stook with me baby, you'll go somewhere.
W, you're up. Get with it.

Wayne said...

Wow, my comments are up 100% today!

Now we're cooking with gas.

I did all the leg work, I invented the word. I'm taking a well deserved rest.

Thanks U2.

Virginia said...

So your blog stook just went up? Buy low, sell high!