Monday 17 August 2009

New Bridge

On Friday the Canada Line bridge had it's grand opening. The Canada Line itself will open to far greater hoopla this afternoon.

The bridge is built for the light rail line but a bike/pedestrian pathway has been added on the west side of the bridge. I walked across and it seemed pretty good. It bounces a bit.

I'm not entirely clear on why anyone would want to go to Richmond if they didn't have to. Costco I suppose.

Andy Slobodian, a 22 year old apprentice crane operator, lost his life working on this bridge.


Meri said...

Maybe it's to walk out of Richmond. . . it can't be Costco, because you couldn't possibly carry the results of a Costco run if you're walking or riding a bike.

Virginia said...

HA, I think Meri's right about a Costco run! A zillion dollar bridge to Costco. That's got Sarah Palin written all over it! So where are you going to be heading when you use this bridge W?