Thursday 23 July 2009

The Sylvia

The Sylvia Hotel is right on Beach Avenue overlooking English Bay. A new restaurant and some parking were added on to the back years ago but the last time I strode through (years and years ago) the lobby it looked like it hadn't been spiffed up for a few decades.

But, as with most things, I'm probably years out of date. For all I know it looks like Buckingham Palace on the inside now.

Built: 1912
Architect: W.P. White, Seattle


Virginia said...

WHat's that growing on the outside? Boston Ivy? The kind that dies back in winter? Inquiring minds must know.V

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this was quite the place in it's day. Creeping fig on the outside, I'd say.

Wayne said...

All I know is that the info I read call it Virginia creeper. How unfortunate is that?

Virginia said...

WEll I'm flattered as all get out! So there! V